Marvel's Thunderbolts is nearing the end of pre-production, and with that, come some rewrites. Eric Pearson, the man who penned the Black Widow film, finished the initial draft, but Lee Sung Jin is now on-board to punch the whole thing up a little.

The movie is set to star a huge ensemble cast of Marvel anti-heroes. While the movie bears some resemblance to the premise of Suicide Squad, it has its own identity because a lot of the “villains” involved are mostly reformed. It's not like a team full of entirely awful people are all joined up because they're forced to. Instead, the villains are attempting to make a name for themselves as heroes.

Lee Sung Jin spoke with Variety, where he shared his involvement.

I’m rewriting it. It’s the whole squad again. [Director] Jake [Schreier] asked me if I would come on board. I probably should have taken a break, but there’s a lot of themes and exciting things about the movie that I couldn’t help but sign on. It’s truly an honor to be part of a Marvel thing, but it is very different. One, it’s not my project, it’s Jake’s. It’s such a large scope and scale that the type of writing is very different. At the same time, the process feels the same, I’m still talking to Jake every day ...  I think once you find the squad of people you love and trust and are so talented, you do everything you can to keep working with them.

Lee Sung Jin also worked with Steven Yeun and Jake Schreier on the upcoming Netflix series Beef. The trio will be reunited on the set of Thunderbolts. The film is currently scheduled for release on July 26, 2024.

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