Twitter users across the globe spent the last week or so imagining what the app might be like following Elon Musk's offer for a buyout. But one TikToker took the idea and ran wild with it.

Instead of imagining Twitter's future under the billionaire's thumb, Andrea Lopez — who posts on TikTok under the handle @andrealopezcomedy — impersonated other celebrities, including the likes of Paris Hilton, Adele and Jennifer Coolidge, imagining what they'd sound like if they purchased the social media platform instead.

In her video, she imagines what the potential buyers would rename the app if they were to pony up the $44 billion purchase price. The answers and impressions are absolutely spot-on and hilarious.

"Hot Talk," she says while impersonating Hilton. "Loves it."

Kourtney Kardashian would spice up Twitter's name. Her recommendation? "Whispers."

"I don't know because in my country Twitter is banned," she continues in an uncanny imitation of Sofia Vergara.

Adele overlooks the obvious option — simply Hello — and delivers a heavily censored name.

"I suppose it would be something like Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum, which coincidentally rhymes with rum," Lopez muses while giving us her best impression of Johnny Depp as his Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow.

Yes, she delivers an impression within an impression!

"What about Twit-Twat-Twat," she adds in what is truly an award-worthy Coolidge impression.

"What’s Elon calling it?" the comedian asked in the caption. Check out the video below:

Lopez's clever video went viral on the app and amassed nearly 1.5 million views and more than 200,000 likes to date. Viewers rushed to the comments section to weigh in on the video.

"The Sofia one literally blew my mind," one fan gushed.

"Kourt would DEF call it whispers," someone else added.

While some called out favorites, others loved the video as a whole.

"Every one of those was amazing," someone wrote.

"Impressed would be an understatement," another commented.

"THE ACCURACY," a commenter wrote. "I can't."

"Even your facial expressions are so on point. You're amazing," another added.

Paris Hilton even gave the video her seal of approval!

When one viewer asked for more Hilton content, Lopez teased the potential for a video rounding up the icon's Coachella looks. Loves it!

This is not the first time the comedian has tackled some of these celebrity impersonations. Earlier this year she shared a highlight real of some of Kardashian's best quotes.

Check that out below:

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