First and foremost, you should watch the vice presidential debate tonight. Mike Pence, our current veep, is a hair from being president. Kamala Harris, Biden's VP pick, will be a step away if Joe's the winner this November. So, you should watch... should care... and should vote in November. Or maybe you already have? Cool. I'm going day of cuz I'm a political junkie so I want to be a part of the action!

That said, to have a little fun with the debate, you can also play a drinking game (maybe re-watch it Saturday and play since tomorrow is a work day). I was inspired by Washingtonian’s fun drinking game, but mine has a local twist. Ready, here go! Almost. First I have to say, drink safe - this is for peeps 21+. Or, you can swap out booze for 7-Up and have fun with all ages. Be warned though, you'll have gut rot.

VP Debate Drinking Game (Iowa Edition)

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