All places in America are known for something, right? Bristol, Tennessee - the birthplace of country music. Cooperstown, New York - the baseball Hall of Fame. And then there's Waterloo, Iowa... home of elderly rapper PAPALOO! Seriously, what else does a city need to be known for I ask you?

 So, who is Papaloo?

I've had to do a LOT of research to learn about Mr. Loo. Here is what I've learned/pieced together from, um, unique YouTube videos: Papaloo is a Bosnia-born Waterloo resident who raps. And, he's also dead. MAYBE. That is at least that's what I've read. I'll cite some sources: Reddit and YouTube comments. Okay, research enough, right? Let's get to the rapping!

**Warning lyrical content is not safe for work... or very good**

According to Redditors, the Papaloo or, Papa 'Loo persona belongs to an unnamed older man who has a pet pit bull and frequently hung around Wal-Mart. He dressed like a 2000's-era gangsta rapper. He also, according to the Reddit thread, hung out at Liberty Park with his pup. He was huge-ish on Vine back in the day, as well. Okay, enough talk - more video!

I mentioned Vine, here's one of his... unique videos.

So is Papaloo still alive and rapping away? No new videos have surfaced in quite some time... he was quite old when he first started in the rap game, and he didn't appear to be in the best of health. Dead, or alive it just adds to the mystery and intrigue that is Papaloo. Enjoy another classic Papaloo rap right now:

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