Ohh to win the lottery. To win a big lottery. To become an overnight millionaire, or billionaire if it's the recent Mega Millions jackpot. That's the dream, right?

No doubt it would be nice to be able to call up work, quit, and kick back on a beach somewhere thanks to matching a few numbers. Well, a Waterloo man just missed living that dream. And yes, he missed it by one number.

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Well, according to an Iowa Lottery press release, that exact thing happened to Michael Harper or Waterloo. Harper purchased a ticket for the July 30 Powerball drawing where the jackpot was $178.8 million.

Harper matched four of five white balls for the drawing and the Powerball. As a result, he did win some major moolah, but he did not become a millionaire. That may sting a bit, but in the end, the $50,000 Harper did win is not a bad consolation prize, right?

Harper purchased his $50K winner at the Guddi Mart on Byron Ave in Waterloo. In case you're wondering, the winning numbers for this drawing were 4-17-57-58-68 and Powerball 12.

Michael Harper -- Iowa Lottery
Michael Harper -- Iowa Lottery

While Harper may have scored a $50,000 prize, no one won the jackpot for the July 30 drawing. However, someone from Pennsylvania did win the jackpot on the next drawing which was on August 3.

As a result, as of this writing, the jackpot for the Powerball is at $35 million. That's still pretty good, right? I'd take it.

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