Fans are trying to figure out why a mysterious robot has appeared in the thumbnails for several of Shakira's music videos on YouTube.

The futuristic, humanoid bot can be seen in the background of thumbnails for videos including "Whenever, Wherever," "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," "Hips Don't Lie" and "Me Enamoré." It has even showed up behind Shakira and her dancers in the thumbnail for her Black Eyed Peas collaboration, "Girl Like Me."

So far, the legendary musician does not appear to have offered an explanation for the robot cameos, which has lead to plenty of questions from fans online.

Some think it might be a sign that a new musical era is on the horizon. Others have floated the potential idea that she's been hacked. There's even a subset who think it might be evidence of a sneaky robot invasion.

Someone hypothesized that the robot is the future version of Shakira looking back on her previous accomplishments. Another assumed it might be a hint to expect futuristic club bops on her forthcoming, 12th studio album. Fans are certainly imaginative!

While some expressed hesitancy to buy into the excitement, the general consensus seems to be there is news on the way.

"Shakira’s trying to tell us something people," someone tweeted.

We just don't know what she's saying yet...

Check out some fan responses below:

Shakira did mention plans for a new album during an interview with Disney Parks earlier this year. She referred to the release as her "next project."

The "Hips Don't Lie" icon dropped her 11th studio album El Dorado back in 2017. However, it hasn't been that long since we've heard from her.

She rolled out a live album in 2019. Rolling Stone notes she also marked the 20th anniversary of her acclaimed album Laundry Service in 2021 by unveiling an expanded edition called Laundry Service: Washed and Dried.

Last year the hit-maker offered a hint at what a new album could sound like with "Don't Wait Up." The effervescent club bop does seem to imply that a dance era is coming in hot.

We'll have to wait and see if any of the robots start talking. In the meantime, revisit "Don't Wait Up," below.

Watch Shakira's "Don't Wait Up" Music Video:

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