There's a lot to juggle during this time of year. Whether you're visiting family or hosting wouldn't be the holidays without scrambling at the last minute to pick up something you forgot. I mean, you don't to ruin Christmas by not having enough spray cheese.

A study by revealed the items we're most likely to dash out the door to buy on Christmas morning:

  1. Batteries (All those kids' toys need juice, right?)
  2. Milk
  3. Bread
  4. Wine (You probably can't have too much of that during the holidays)
  5. A box of chocolates (Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like buying a $6 sampler at CVS)
  6. Scotch tape (Tape is my best friend at Christmastime, since wrapping gifts is NOT a skill that was handed down to me)
  7. Gravy
  8. Someone's present (Hey, it's the thought that counts...right?)
  9. Wrapping paper (What do you mean you haven't finished wrapping all of your presents, yet?)
  10. Other food items

Here's hoping YULE remember everything you need.

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