A spectacle will be in the sky on Independence Day --- not just the fireworks.

For the first time sine 1974, there will be a full moon on the 4th of July. Since we became a nation in 1776, there's only been SEVEN full moons on our country's birthday. (1792, 1803, 1822, 1868, 1917, 1936, & 1974)

There won't be another full moon on Independence day until 2031.

AND...there's also a Penumbral Eclipse during the Full Moon -- when the moon passes through the Earth's outer shadow. Unlike a Total Lunar Eclipse, it will not turn reddish-colored. Instead, the moon will be a slightly darker grey.

It will be visible in Iowa! The eclipse will begin at 10:04 PM on 7/4 and end just before 1:00 AM on July 5th.

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