It's time for another Iowa Haunt and for this one I suggest you just keep driving and DON'T GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.

Banwell Bridge, also known as Terror Bridge, has had many stories over the years to add to the haunted-ness of this bridge. Banwell Bridge is in Fort Dodge, Iowa and has a serious case of the "woman in white". The most popular story surrounding this bridge has to do with a mom and three children. The story goes that a woman brought her children to the bridge to watch the train pass below. However, when the train passed, the mother threw all three of the children over the bridge and watched as they were stuck killing them instantly. The mom then proceeded to throw herself over the bridge as well and died.

To this day, locals warn visitors to not stop their cars on the bridge without locking their doors and windows. If you don't, the woman's spirit tries to pull you from your car and throw you over the bridge. Those who have exited their vehicles have reported seeing orbs, hearing voices in the woods and even hearing a woman moaning beneath the bridge and then finding hand prints on their cars. Check out more here.

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