It's that time of year again! Time to find out what haunted attractions you should be avoiding this Halloween season unless you are down for a good fright! So let's get to it...

#5: Stony Hollow Road, Burlington, Iowa

Okay this one sounds like the start to an episode of Supernatural. Stony Hollow Road in Burlington, Iowa has been named one of the scariest/haunted roads in all of Iowa. Legend has it that a woman by the name of Lucinda committed suicide off of a cliff nearby after learning that her husband had left her. The cliff was nearby this gravel road which has led to many stories of hauntings. In fact most locals avoid this road at night leaving it to those brave enough to face the haunt!

Many ghost hunters have gone to check out this scary sight but it is the legend of Lucinda that has many avoiding this road. You see the lore goes that if you are on the road and say Lucinda's name three times, then her ghost will appear at the top of the cliff. However I don't suggest doing this as the warning is that if Lucinda appears to lay a rose at your feet, you will meet your end the next day....

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So in other words, just don't get out of your car on this road or better yet, avoid it completely!

Make sure to check back next week for the #4 Iowa Haunted Destination that you either want to avoid or check out! Happy Spooky Season!

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