There are some funny parents out there, mom and dads alike. Usually when you see one out in public, struggling to take control of their "little angels" the usual response to a friendly greeting is met with "Oh, just livin the dream". With that being said here are some tweets every Iowan parent knows all too well.

1). Finally clean?- I'm sure every mom can relate. I know mine can.

2). Up and at'em- This was me to a T. I can recall on multiple occasions spewing this empty promise upon being woken up.

3). Thin Mint Mule- 'Throwin' down some green for thin mints? That's a Texas size ten-4.

4). Dummy Dad- Ladies if your husband isn't screwing up royally when it comes to "The Talk" is he even your baby daddy?

Simply Stalling- As a former 3 year old who would be dragged into the women's bathroom, I can confirm.

Happy Friday Moms!




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