Sunday night's season premiere of the hit show Yellowstone featured a song from our girl Hailey Whitters!

On Sunday morning, Shueyville-native and country singer Hailey Whitters announced on social media that one of her songs would make an appearance on the season four premiere of the Paramount show Yellowstone. The highly-anticipated episode made use of her 2015 song "Black Sheep" from her album of the same name. According to a Tweet from the Yellowstone Twitter account, the song was in the very beginning of the episode about six minutes in.

The website Saving Country Music, the show is known for featuring artists that aren't necessarily mainstream. The article quotes the show's music supervisor Andrea von Foerster as saying:

“We have such a solid fan base that really loves the music. I always want to keep introducing everyone to new artists or local artists that they know and love. We certainly don’t overlook major label artists, we love Chris Stapleton like no other, but it’s nice to give a leg up to the up-and-coming folks.”

The first episode also features "Goodbye" by TVA and "Plain To See Plainsman" by Colter Wall. Episode two had clips of Blackberry Smoke's "Hey Delilah," "Deeper In The Woods" by Ross Shifflett, and “The Other Side” by Ryan Bingham. The Yellowstone Twitter account lists all of the songs featured in each episode throughout the season. You can follow the page for the latest updates HERE.

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