Nope, the image above is not exactly the kinda bull I'm talking about... but it's close!

Iowa. Land of corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, and one really big roadside attraction. Oh, and it's completely bull.

Now, enough edgy-but-not-to-edgy uses of "bull". It's more double entendre, you see, I'm actually talking about a bull. A really, really big bull. As someone who's lived in Iowa for almost a decade, I was shocked to learn of this big bull's existence. And, perhaps you're unfamiliar too.

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Since I've lived in Iowa, I have admittedly, spent all my time in the state on the east side. Other than a couple of trips to Emmitsburg, on the western side of the state, it's been all eastern Iowa for me.

So when you say "world's biggest" or "Iowa's biggest", I think Brandon Frying Pan. I don't think some sorta bull. But perhaps I should because a certain giant bull is one of the biggest, not only in the U.S. but the world. Actually, he's the biggest.

Meet, if you haven't already, Albert the Bull.

Albert the Bull via Google
Albert the Bull via Google

I was not aware of Albert, and yet I should have been. Why? Well, Albert is famous. World famous. He was featured on a Super Bowl TV ad for Cenex back in 2018.

He is the biggest bull in the world, as mentioned, and "lives" in the city of Audubon, Iowa. Audubon is northwest of Des Moines. Featured in many publications, like Roadside America, he sees thousands of tourists a year. Roughly 20,000 actually.

That makes it the state's most popular roadside attraction unless you count the World's Largest Truck Stop. But that's more store/gas/convenience than stop, take a photo, and move on, right? I think Albert takes the cake.

Oh, and he has his own Facebook page...

Albert's story began in the summer of 1964 when he was built, erm, born. According to Roadside America, Albert is 28 feet tall. Incredibly, there's a 15-foot span between his horns.

He weighs a massive 45 tons. Albert is a replica of a Hereford bull. Hereford is a British breed of beef cattle that originally hailed from Herefordshire in the West Midlands of England.

A happy-looking bull, the only controversy Mr. Albert has attracted? Well, his eyes were originally baby blue. After years of local farmers complaining about the lack of authenticity as bulls' eyes aren't baby blue, in 2017, they were changed to brown thanks to a new paint job.

Funny, you have to wonder why we're worried about authenticity when we're talking about a 45-ton bull...

If you're in Audubon, be sure you swing by and see Albert. It's not hard to get there from the Corridor. Hop on I-80, take exit 60, then go north on US Hwy 71 for about 16 miles. See ya soon, Albert.

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