Iowa State fans were definitely livin' mas this weekend. Here's 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, November 1st.

Wailuku, HI- A judge handed down a unique punishment to a scorned lover.

30-year-old Daren Young split with his girlfriend earlier this year, and she wound up getting a protective order against him in February.

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Young broke that order in the spring by sending 144 nasty text messages to his now-ex.

Young was in court on Friday and a judge sentenced him to pay a $2,400 fine, serve 200 hours community service...and write 144 nice things to his ex--one message for every mean thing he said about her--without repeating any words.

Young told the judge that he will serve his punishment and move forward with his life. [Hawaii News Now]

Maybe he should've thought of that before...then he wouldn't be forced to be nice.

Hollywood, CA- A woman is suing Sephora, claiming a lipstick sample gave her herpes.


The plaintiff visited the store in October 2015 and became infected trying one of the "common use" sample tubes on display.

She alleges that Sephora didn't properly warn customers of the risk of getting diseases from sampling its products, so she's suing the cosmetics chain for negligence and emotional distress over the "incurable lifelong affliction." [TMZ]

Sorry about your bad luck, but what happened to common sense? That's like you suing a restaurant because you got sick after eating a sandwich someone took a bite from. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Ames, IA- Iowa State pulled off another big upset last weekend, and Cyclone fans celebrated the only they knew how: getting drunk and pounding low-grade Mexican food.

Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot
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The Taco Bell in Ames had so many customers after last Saturday's win over TCU that the restaurant nearly ran out of food. Multiple people tweeted that the restaurant had exhausted its supply of queso, lettuce and Doritos Locos Tacos. The location also ran out of beans, Baja tacos and Mountain Dew.

Iowa State football is enjoying its best season in about a decade, so the chaos is understandable. [DieHards]

Taco Bell may not be able to recover from another big Iowa State win, so consider this a warning to the other fast-food franchises in the Ames area.

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