One of my favorite holiday traditions is having a cookie baking party where we bake over ten dozen cookies for about 7 hours and then pass out with flour all over us! Now although we make all types of cookies, of course we all have our favorites and mine would definitely be chocolate and peanut butter no-bakes. These are not everyone’s favorite but they seem to be my family’s and that led me to wonder if everyone can agree on one type of cookie being their favorite?


Well, I decided to see if Iowa had a favorite Christmas cookie and according to a Reader’s Digest study done with bakers from Iowa, your favorite cookies are Peanut Clusters! Now, I do not know what these are but I am also not from Iowa, so I decided to see what Ohio’s favorite is as well and apparently our favorite cookies are Buckeye cookies! I mean honestly in a Buckeye state what else do you expect?


So Iowa not only are those your favorite cookies but they are also Kansas’ favorite! Aww look you all are twinning! So do you agree with this? If you say yes you must be a true Iowan, if you say no or I have never even heard of those obviously this is not your home state or the article is wrong… I mean they did only ask baker’s in the study so it was probably what recipe was the easiest and quickest to make.


Want to know what the other 47 states claim are their favorite Christmas cookies? Check out the Reader’s Digest article here! And make sure to make some peanut cluster cookies for Christmas this year even if you do not like them, just to say you are a true Iowan!

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