Furious Waterloo residents stood outside of a home on Upton Avenue Saturday holding signs and demanding answers after an abused dog died.

According to KCRG, animal rights activists called the city and animal control for six weeks after finding out a boxer was severely neglected--left chained up in the backyard without adequate shelter or food.

"The dog was obviously in distress, he obviously needed help. He was crying during the night especially when it would get real cold because he was hungry because he was cold probably he was scared,” resident Diann Helmers told KCRG.

Speaking for animal control, the city attorney said officers visited the home multiple times. They saw there was food and shelter and have seen vet records for the pet.
The protesters say they want to see those records.

This makes me so mad! We've always had animals in our home and I've never understood how anyone could treat their pet this way. Just show some basic human decency; take the dog to a vet or a shelter if you don't want to take care of it, somebody else probably will.

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