Let's face it: living in Iowa isn't always easy. There are the harsh winters, the bitter sports rivalries, the unpleasant smells, and the unpredictable temperatures. But, the most frustrating thing of all? Dealing with people who just don't understand us!

This morning, we took to Facebook to ask listeners to annoy an Iowan using only FOUR words. Not surprisingly, a lot of the comments had to do with Idaho and their potatoes, traditional Midwest foods, our abundance of farm land, and other things that people unfamiliar with our state often say. We got irritated just reading the comments!

To kick things off, I'll tell you my contribution to the conversation. I think it's a pretty good one...

Below zero wind chills.

Just saying those four words sent a shiver down my spine. I'm hoping for a nice, loooooong fall and a fairly warm and dry winter this year. I know, I know... I should know better by now, but I can't help but hope that Mother Nature takes it easy on us after the last couple of years!

What's something that a non-Iowan (or even an Iowan!) has said to you that made you roll your eyes? Here are some of our favorite responses from listeners on Facebook:

Annoy An Iowan Using Only Four Words

We asked Iowans to say something that would annoy them with only FOUR words... here are the results!

Do you have one that you think we missed? We would love to hear it! Annoy an Iowan using only four words in the comments below!

Speaking of annoying, a new study attempted to figure out the biggest pet peeve in all 50 states, and we can't help but agree with the choice for Iowa! You can read that full article HERE.

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