Jason Momoa's star has arguably never been brighter. The 39-year-old actor has been immortalized as Aquaman, which just became the highest-grossing film in the history of the DC Extended Universe.

But he's never forgotten where he came from. Momoa was back in his hometown of Norwalk, a suburb about 10 minutes south of Des Moines, last week. Not for an interview, not to promote his hit movie. He just wanted to see his grandma.

"Needed to come home to Iowa and give my grams some aloha," Momoa wrote on Instagram, along with "HAWAII backwards is IIAWAH."

Momoa was raised in Norwalk, but grew up splitting time between Iowa and Hawaii, where his dad is from.

FUN FACT: In the mid-to-late 90s, Momoa was a member of the Norwalk High School varsity soccer team along with Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh. Yep! Aquaman & Superman were teammates. Who needs the Justice League?

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