In the digital age, it's so simple to quickly snap a pic on your phone and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or whatever platform you declare yourself an "artist" on. That's why Margaret Muza is so special.

Margaret specializes in "tintype" photography, a method first popularized in the mid 1880's and continued through the early 20th century. It's a standard portrait type photo, but has many unique qualities. For example, the photograph is captured on an aluminum metal plate and encompasses the entire thing. It takes twenty minutes to develop a single photo and it's non-reproducible. The end result is something of a civil war photograph, or an early 1900's family. The best way I could describe a tintype is a photograph from a horror movie, that usually involves a missing or deceased child. Muza describes her work as "mysterious" but enjoy's the craft so much, she was able to leave her full time job and focus strictly on photography. The Courier has the full story here.

You can reserve a portrait session with Margaret on her website-

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