In a scene straight out of some kind of a crime comedy, a burglary suspect was arrested early Thursday morning in Huron, Ohio, as he tried to escape a bank through an access panel, only to fall into a recycling bin right in front of the cops.

The incident took place at a Huron bank just after 2am, said the police. Officers received an alarm from a bank in east Huron. Upon arrival, police officers checked the building and searched the area but did not find anyone.


However, officers could hear noises coming from inside the roof above the drive-thru area, and saw a recycling bin positioned perfectly underneath of a service hatch on the underside of the roof.

A short time later, the access door opened and a black backpack dropped down to the ground. A short time latera man started lowering himself from the hatch.

Obviously startled by the officer, the man let go of the hatch and fell right inside of the big, blue recycling bin underneath. He was immediately surrounded by officers and was arrested.


Police only gave the information that the suspect was 27-years-old, and was charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools, both of which are fifth-degree felonies, as well as a charge of safe-cracking, which is a fourth-degree felony in Ohio.

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