Who doesn't love dear mom? Well Mother's Day is a good occasion to remember JUST how much moms are doing on the 364 days a year that don't explicitly celebrate them.

A new study from DigitalHub broke down a bunch of yearly stats on being a mom. And here are some of the highlights:

  • Moms spend three hours and 58 minutes a week watching kids' sports, which adds up to around eight full days per year.
  • They take three days off work per year to look after sick kids.
  • The spend four hours and 55 minutes at school plays and assemblies per year.
  • Hang five drawings on the fridge every year.
  • Buy 38 presents per kid per year between birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.
  • Get woken up 16 times a year for bad dreams.
  • Hear the kids say 'I'm bored' 144 times a year, or 12 times a month.
  • And moms hear their kids say 'I love you' 676 times a year, or 13 times a week.

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