I think Dolly Parton hit the nail on the head when she made her hit song "9-5", its a long and hard existence. That is why "the man" blessed us with the weekend. If you're like me you know that Bars/Pubs are the best way to go with the occasional dance club thrown in to give it the ole "Razzle Dazzle".

Waterloo and Cedar Falls are no exception, my Friday night started of at Jameson's where I indulged in some delicious pretzel bites, then transitioned to Pump house, Tony's, Derringers and finally ended at Voodoo. Much like my car I was out of gas at the end of the night.

Saturday was a lot less traveling, as I channeled my younger side by exploring College Hill at Little Bigs and Social House. I should add that being 23 allows me to still connect to the college crowd.

My weekend warrior status is alive and well and I will most definitely be returning to those establishments in the future. I also am hoping to explore new locations and the finest that the Cedar Valley has to offer.

If you have any suggestions message me directly on my Facebook page, Trace Moose, all of which are greatly appreciated! The weekend is a distant memory to us now, but come Friday we'll be able to play another Dolly Parton hit, "Here you come again".



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