Celebrities...they're just like us! They put their million dollar homes up for sale just like every other normal person out there. I don't know about you, but I too am planning to sell an expensive home in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the world. News just broke that one of the Hadid sisters is putting her New York City apartment up on the market.


Model Gigi Hadid recently welcomed a baby girl with her longtime boyfriend Zayn Malik. Her sister, Bella Hadid is actually the one who is going forward with this sale.

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I am obsessed with celebrity homes. One of the interesting things about the pandemic has been seeing celebrities broadcast from the comfort of their own homes. Sometimes their home is more interesting than whatever interview, song, or comedy bit they're doing.

Remember when we saw Jimmy Fallon use a giant slide in his own home? Yeah...these celeb homes are incredible.

Bella Hadid's own home is on the market. If you have a spare 6 million dollars feel free to spend it on her New York City home. This two bedroom and two bathroom Soho apartment is 2,569 square feet, and will probably make you feel like one of the most famous models in the world right now...I believe it's written in the deed to the home.

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