As we wind down our look back at the best in pop culture over the last year, we have to take a minute to look at the best posters of 2023.

The first way most people experience a movie — way. before they see the movie itself, and often before they even watch a trailer or commercial — is through its poster. And while posters used to be confined to movie theaters, they’re now all over the internet and social media as well, and can be viewed by millions of potential customers all over the world. In other words, as important as posters have been to movies’ success in the past, they’re even more crucial now.

As always when we make a list of a year’s best posters, we are choosing them based on the poster not on the movie. A great film might have a terrible poster, and vice versa. The list below collects the 25 best posters of the year with zero consideration of the films’ quality. (As you’ll see, there are some great movies, and some pretty crummy ones.) Also: We’re considering the year of the poster here, not the year of the movie. While most of the titles are 2023 releases, a few are for 2024 films we haven’t even seen yet. But again, a great poster is a great poster regardless of the quality of the film. (Similarly, some of the best posters for 2023 movies were released last year — so you’ll find a few of those on our best 2022 posters list.)

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best movie posters of 2023...

The Best Movie Posters of 2023

When movie posters are good, they’re works of art. And here are the year’s best.

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