As most college students would agree, grocery shopping and cooking are near the bottom of their priority list. I mean, I am out of college and they are still more of a pain in the butt to do and very low on my priority list as well. That's why most college students grab foods at the grocery store with little to no prep such as ramen noodles, microwave meals and even tuna. However, what of these easy prep foods are college students OVERDOSING on?!

A recent survey out of The University of California at Santa Cruz recently found out that some college students are coming dangerously close to overdosing on... TUNA FISH. Most college students and adults for that matter, don't know that tuna fish contains a ton of mercury due to pollution and since they eat a ton of it, it could cause some serious problems. Mercury poisoning can cause mercury in your diet can cause anxiety, mood changes, memory problems,depression and changes in vision, hearing, motor skills, and speech... oh, it could also kill you.

Now, you would have to eat A LOT of tuna for this to happen, but according to the survey some college kids are eating it up to 20 times a week, or almost three servings a day because it's cheap and easy to make.

So kids, you may wanna trade in that tuna for some mac and cheese, just to avoid death.

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