Black Friday is notorious for people being at their worst and the stats are in.

From camping out to waking up early, people will do whatever it takes to get a deal on their holiday shopping. We all know that some will even take it to the extreme. Our trackers at Black Friday Death Count see all the worst of humanity when it comes to buying presents at a lower price all in the name of a holiday. They have been recording the deaths and injuries dating back to 2006 and there are a few to add for 2018.

From 2006 to 2018 Black Friday has officially tallied 12 deaths and 117 injuries. In 2018 alone, 2 deaths have been recorded and 6 injuries have been added to the list.

For 2018:

A 27- year-old man was shot to death in an Alabama mall shooting. (2 years in a row something has happened in Alabama.) 2 other people were injured in the shooting including a 12-year-old girl. Death Count: 1 Injury Count: 2

A man was shot in in a Memphis mall after checking out the shooters girlfriend. Injury Count: 1

An altercation resulted in 2 people being stabbed in a Syracuse, New York Macy's Department. One man was stabbed in the abdomen and the other in the back. Both stab wounds were non-life threatening. Injury Count: 2

A New Jersey man was shot in the wrist in the waning hours of Black Friday shopping between a Tommy Hilfiger and Marshalls store. Injury Count: 1

27-year-old man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a mall in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Death Count: 1

To see the 2017 stats and results, click the button below.

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