Getting up at 5:30 a.m. this coming Friday might not be an uncommon occurrence for most of you. In fact, it might be customary. However, scoring a deal at TJ Maxx, or Kohls is one thing, how about scoring a deal for your stomach? Even when all the shopping is done, the day is still Friday and a deal at a restaurant might be just what you need. With that being said, here three different restaurant deals you can score this coming Black Friday.

1). Dunkin- Dunkin guests can score a medium sized latte, americano or cappuccino for 2$ from 2-6pm. This promotion starts Black Friday and ends on December 31st.

2). Red Lobster- For every 100$ spent on online gift cards on Black Friday, get 10% off and a free appetiser or $10 off on your next visit.

3). Taco Bell- Receive a free small Baja Blast Freeze with any purchase.

Make sure that when you stretch your wallet this coming Friday, stretch your pants as well. You've earned it.


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