When it comes to the story of Iowa quarterback Joe Labas, the page will simply read, "What Might Have Been."

The Cedar Rapids Gazette is confirming that the former four-star quarterback recruit out of Ohio has entered the transfer portal. Labas hasn't seen much playing time while at Iowa, so he doesn't have much of a resume. But one thing that he DOES have is a bowl game win. His only start while at Iowa was the 2022 Music City Bowl. The Gazette reports that the Hawkeyes shut out Kentucky 21-0. Labas didn't have spectacular numbers, but was 14 of 24, with one touchdown and no interceptions.

Watch the tape. Labas looked pretty good. Certainly, more mobile than quarterback Deacon Hill did for Iowa this season. That is what made the decision to start Hill over Labas when starter Cade McNamara got injured so puzzling. Whenever reporters asked, Kirk Ferentz would give the line that Hill gave Iowa the best chance to win. Really? Labas won a bowl game! Hill completed less than 50% of his passes and had more interceptions than touchdowns.

Labas leaving the program, and how can you blame him, underscores a big problem for Iowa football. The Gazette reports that he becomes the fifth quarterback to transfer since the end of the 2021 season. Labas joins Deuce Hogan, Alex Padilla, Carson May, and Spencer Petras as quarterbacks seeking greener pastures.

Iowa will be getting a new offensive coordinator once the season is over. The offense needs to evolve if we want any decent QB prospect to choose to come to Iowa.


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