Britney Spears doesn't want to rush a reconciliation with her mother.

Although the pop superstar and her mom Lynne have recently got back in touch after an estrangement, sources close to Britney have revealed that the star wants to take her time repairing the relationship.

A source told Us Weekly: "Britney understands that her mom would have loved for her to visit for Christmas but she just felt like it was too soon. Britney is open to repairing her relationship with Lynne but she wants things to unfold organically and not force anything.

"Britney is in a really good place and would love to continue maintaining her relationship with her mom, but wants to take her time. She doesn’t feel like there’s a need to rush anything."

It was previously revealed that Britney, 42, was thrilled to be back in touch with Lynne and her brother Bryan and was making plans to see them over the holidays.

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An insider said: "Britney is really happy with where things seem to be headed with her mom. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but Britney may be making time to celebrate the holidays together with her mom and brother.

"Britney and Lynne still have a lot to work through. But the door for communication has been opened, and they’ve been in contact very often lately."

Britney cut contact with her mother over how Lynne treated her during her 13-year conservatorship but revealed earlier this year that the pair were back in touch.

She shared a post on Instagram in May, saying: "My sweet mama showed up at my door yesterday after 3 years … it’s been such a long time. With family there’s always things that need to be worked out … but time heals all wounds!!!”

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