I feel like some songs should have a warning label before playing in the car... like "Be Careful: Listening to this song may cause: dancing, loud & out of tune singing, dance parties and possibly a speeding ticket."

If you have ever wondered if what music you listen to affects your driving habits.... well, apparently it does. South China University of Technology recently did some research and found that songs with a fast tempos at 120 beats per minute or more actually make you drive faster and more recklessly. So basically you really shouldn't be having a car party any time soon.

Here are the top 5 songs that are too dangerous to drive too:

1.  "American Idiot"Green Day

2.  "Party in the USA"Miley Cyrus

3.  "Mr. Brightside"The Killers

4.  "Don't Let Me Down"The Chainsmokers

5.  "Born to Run"Bruce Springsteen

So, if you can't rock out, what can you listen to?

Well, they also provided the top 5 songs to listen to in order to be safe while driving:

1.  "Stairway to Heaven"Led Zeppelin

2.  "Under the Bridge"Red Hot Chili Peppers

3.  "God's Plan"Drake

4.  "Africa"Toto

5.  "Location"Khalid.

Well, not bad but be careful not to fall asleep at the wheel with these ones.

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