This team is a possible seventeenth-game opponent for the Chicago Bears.

My family has purchased our own season tickets for the Chicago Bears since 1982. No matter how the team is doing good, bad, or okay, we still go to almost every game and enjoy doing it. For those Sundays in the fall, it is a good opportunity for some family bonding. It is not just the game but all the activities before and after. It ends up being a full day of fun for all.

There is only one thing that I do not like about being a Chicago Bears season ticket holder. That is preseason. The team forces us to buy them along with our package. They are always on strange days and times. Which makes it difficult to get into the city for the game. None of the regular players go into the game anymore. We do not want to go but the big problem is that no one else wants to either. So, we usually lose money on those tickets. They are a waste of money.

The NFL has been threatening for years to shorten the preseason and add a regular-season game. I would be all in for that option. This offseason, that deal seems closer than ever.

According to,

"While the league still hasn’t made an official announcement regarding a seventeenth regular-season game for 2021, it sure seems as though the NFL and the owners are pushing things in that direction. Last year’s update to the CBA authorized the owners to implement a 17-game schedule as early as the 2021 season, and with the league currently working on their new broadcasting contracts with the television networks, there could be some clarity on the 2021 season soon. Since the league announced the seventeenth game would be an AFC vs NFC matchup each season on a rotating schedule, this year’s would feature the second-place Las Vegas Raiders (AFC West) vs the second-place Chicago Bears (NFC North)."

I really hope this happens for the 2021 season. Besides being a huge Bears fan, I just love watching NFL football. The more, the better.

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