The Christmas spirit doesn't come cheap. No sir. A new study from BroBible found that the average person will spend almost $100,000 on Christmas throughout their life.  That's $1,556 per year for 60 years. (Ouch!) How's your heart? Check your chest... So why do we spend that much? Well, here's how that all breaks down so you can see where your cash is disappearing to:

  • $235 per year on decorations and stuff for the home.
  • $301 on food.
  • $375 on gifts.
  • And $645 on hosting parties, dinners, and fixing up your home before guests come.

Now, your breakdown could vary. For example, if you are traveling, you spend money on that instead of hosting. If you have more than one Christmas celebration, thta will ad a few bucks to the equation too. But on average it all comes out to around $1,500 a year, which gets you close to six figures over your adult life. Ho ho D'OH!!

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