When you go to a nice restaurant, sometimes you stretch out dinner so it takes a long time and you get an experience that's worth the money, right?

Well one restaurant is DONE with you doing that.

The Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco is testing out a new policy: Keep your meal to 90 minutes. Should you go over, you have to pay $30 per seat to stay.

They clearly want to turn the tables over quickly and make more money, but this is a place that charges $14 for a starter salad, so people are going to want to take their time eating.

The restaurant ran with this new policy for four days this week, while the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was in town.

The manager of the restaurant says, quote, 'Otherwise they linger and tie up the tables, turning the restaurant into a big meeting room and the servers and our other customers suffer it's all about supply and demand.'

What do you think of this policy? Would you like to see it come to the Cedar Valley?

(Via Delish)

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