A Cedar Rapids restaurant is asking its loyal customers to lend a helping hand, or they may be forced to close in the near future.

The restaurant industry continues to face many obstacles from rising ingredient prices to a continued worker shortage. But sometimes the toughest thing to do is get the word out about your amazing food. That appears to be the struggle that Loosies in Cedar Rapids is struggling with.

Loosies is located at 1611 32nd Street NE in Cedar Rapids. According to their website, Loosies opened in June of 2019. Norm and Sandy Wilkerson remodeled a small house on 32nd Street and opened a restaurant. They began to serve a style of loose meat sandwich that they grew up enjoying in Ottumwa, Iowa. The website states that in addition to the restaurant, Loosies also features a food truck and does local catering.

Facebook via Loosiescr
Facebook via Loosiescr

Loosies serves a variety of loose meat sandwiches like the Mega Loosie topped with mac and cheese! They also offer tenderloins, hot dogs, chili dogs, and a variety of delicious side dishes.

Despite great reviews and loyal customers, Loosies recently posted on Facebook that they are in need of help. Without added customers, they might not be able to continue to stay open.

So if you are a fan of Loosies, they ask you to help spread the word about their amazing food! Let's show them some love and support so we don't lose another amazing locally owned restaurant in Cedar Rapids.

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