2019 “Bull Bash!” rodeo event at Owensboro, Kentucky, was going great Saturday night, until they decided to play a game called “Cowboy Pinball”...

What seems like a bad idea, turned out to be just that...as promoters of the event held a contest called "Cowboy Pinball". It's where contestants are challenged to stay in their circle and try to pull a $100 bill off the back of an angry bull. It seemed to be going pretty un-eventful as the first bull was not very feisty. That's when the trouble started, they decided to "turn it up a notch" and let out a MUCH MORE aggressive bull. As, you'll see at about the 4:20 minute mark in the video, a couple of people were up-ended and sent spiraling into the air...leaving one man unconscious.

WARNING — The following video contains content some might find disturbing:

Next time, maybe they should leave the "playing around with bulls" to the PROFESSIONAL riders and rodeo clowns and sit safely in the stay in the stands, with their beer and watch.

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