Today is a pretty pretty pretty pretty prettaaaaaaaaaaaay good day.

That’s because it is October 15, 2020 — which makes it 20 years to the day since Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered on HBO. Although the series had its origins in a comedy special from the year before called Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm, a faux documentary about David considering a return to standup comedy, the actual series began in earnest on October 15, 2000. The premiere was “The Pants Tent,” in which Larry’s new baggy pants creates an unsightly illusion that causes problems with his wife Cheryl (Hines):

It is kind of incredible to consider that at this point Curb Your Enthusiasm has been on television for more than twice as long as Seinfeld, which lasted nine seasons on NBC in the 1990s. Admittedly, Curb has only produced 100 episodes compared to Seinfeld’s 180 during that time, because the series takes lengthy hiatuses between seasons, and each season runs just ten episodes compared to Seinfeld’s 22 or more.

Although we probably won’t see it for a while, Curb has already been renewed for an 11th season on HBO. (There was a full two-year break between Season 9 and Season 10.) The longer the pandemic continues, the more inevitable it seems that many TV shows will fold its events into their storylines. That sounds terrible — except in the case of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where a season of Larry losing his mind about coronavirus, and quarantines, and washing his hands, and wearing masks, and fighting with people who won’t wear masks, sounds absolutely heavenly.

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