Dear Kobe,

I cried today. I cried not only for what we lost, but for what heaven gained. For years, we invited you into our homes and watched as you dazzled us with breathtaking shots, and monstrous dunks. You ignited the flame that brought us to the court, and inspired a timeless tradition of any player who's shot looked so pure, the only justice done was to shout your name. We counted the rings. We counted the minutes. And we counted every point until number 33,643. Without you, the game seems lost, like a artist without a brush, or a singer without a song. There is nothing we can say to make the pain go away. So, we might as well say this...

Thank you, for the dreams you helped inspire. Thank you for being the father your girls needed and the man we knew and loved. Thank you for memories on and off the court. Thank you, for everything.



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