I wish this weren't true, but it is, a new study monitored people as they drove in the car with one of two different things: Their kid or a CAKE. Oddly, the researchers wanted to see which precious, fragile passenger made people drive more carefully. Now, technically this study wasn't on Iowans, or even Americans as it came from Australia, but I'm assuming it rings true here, too.

You can probably see where this is going.

  • 95% of people drove more cautiously when they had a CAKE than when they had their children.
  • 65% drove slower with the cake.
  • 60% were more cautious and gentle with their braking.
  • 50% took turns slower
  • And 45% used their phones less.

The researchers say it's because the cake makes us snap out of "autopilot" mode.  We're used to driving with our kids we're not used to driving with food that could get messed up if we slam on the brakes or take a turn too fast.

By the way, 72% of the people in the survey rated themselves above average drivers.

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