Look, there's always some dish at thanksgiving no one quite knows what it is. You scratch your head and waft whatever scent you can muster from the culinary curiosity that lay before you. It's only when you start to ask around the table do you finally get your answer, and even that isn't enough to suffice. I believe I owe it to the readers to identify what some of these dishes are. Here are some incredible odd Thanksgiving recipes people have seen around their tables.

1). Seafoam Salad- A sort of cake? Made with Jello, pears, cream cheese, heavy cream and cool whip.

Image result for seafoam salad

2). Barf Salad- A literal cake. Made out of Bologna, Ranch cream cheese, and topped with an olive.

3). Lungs- Don't be frightened. It's just strawberry jello with a cool whip topping.


With all of these incredibly odd dishes you see before you, if have to ask. What are your weird Thanksgiving dishes?

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