A Nashua man has been sentenced to prison after his dog led Chickasaw County sheriff’s deputies to his home after a burglary in the area.

Deputies and Nashua police were investigating a burglary to an area co-op where some computer equipment was stolen last year, when one of the deputies noticed a dog on a surveillance camera video of the crime. The deputy recognized the dog as belonging to an area man named Bradley Mohring. Based on the dog, police looked the man up, found him, and went to pay Bradley a visit.

Authorities searched his place and found a weapon and some ammo and... one of the computers that was stolen.

Fast forward to this week, ol' Bradley has been sentenced to a year in prison for his crimes. Mans best friend accidentally helped become one of mans best detectives. But, maybe that is what you get when you bring your dog along with you when you commit a crime. That's ruff...

(VIa The Courier)

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