There seems to be way more phone scams in this day and age than ever before and everyone HATES them! Honestly, those who commit phone scams are some of the worst people out there. But, what can you really do to protect yourself from these scammers?

Other than screaming at them and throwing your phone against the wall (don't do that!) here are 5 tips to protect yourself from getting scammed.

1.  Register for the Do Not Call Registry. Yeah some rude companies and criminals will ignore the fact that you're on the registry, but it should help reduce some of the calls.

2.  Your caller ID cannot be trusted.  Scammers can block their numbers or show them as people you would trust.

3.  Don't respond or hang up if you did answer. It only takes one response for scammers to call you even more! I never answer my phone if I don't know the number, I figure if it is important they will leave a message.

4.  Don't pay anyone who calls or texts you. Oldest trick in the book which leads to identity theft. No legit company will ask for you credit info or a wire transfer over the phone, so DON'T PAY!

5.  Report scam calls to the FTC.  You can report them at  The more data the FTC has, the more it helps with enforcement.


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