A pair of University of Iowa grads have sold a script to Paramount Pictures, and some major Hollywood players are involved in the project.

Bryan Woods & Scott Beck became friends while attending Bettendorf Middle School. They turned their mutual love of cinema into a production company, Bluebox Films, in 2001. Since relocating to L.A. following college at the University of Iowa, the duo has put out several full-length films. But it appears that Woods & Beck are on the verge of receiving their big break.

The Quad City-natives have sold their latest script, A Quiet Place, to Paramount Pictures.

The horror film will star actors Emily Blunt, who appeared alongside Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada and received acclaim most recently for The Girl on the Train, and John Krasinski, best-known for playing Jim in The Office. Krasinski revised the script for A Quiet Place and will also directMichael Bay, who has directed blockbusters such as Transformers and Pearl Harbor, has signed on to produce. Bay apparently loved the script so much that he took it directly to Paramount.


Woods told the Quad City Times that it's refreshing to see an original work captured on the big screen:

So often these days, the only projects that make it in the movie theaters are superhero movies, remakes and sequels, so to be able to take something that’s original and fresh and get the studio excited is really a dream come true.

Woods said the pair started thinking about the plot of A Quiet Place back at Iowa:

It’s a project we have been working on for quite a while ... In college, we just had this cool idea that we kind of tucked into our drawer. About a year ago...we pulled that one out and developed it into a script.

A Quiet Place is scheduled for release in April 2018. Congrats to Bryan & Scott! Find out about other upcoming Bluebox Films projects here.

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