18-year-old Alanna Arrington may be one of the next rising stars in the modeling world. The Cedar Rapids native just appeared in the nationally-televised Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which aired Monday (12/5).

Alanna has also been featured in several issues of Vogue, shared the runway with models like Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, and was recently cast in a commercial for Target that you can see below:

Alanna told the Cedar Rapids Gazette that being a professional model has been more challenging than expected:

I thought it (modeling) would be all easy-peasy, put on makeup and look pretty. But models train like professional athletes. I’ve played sports my whole life and watched what I ate, but you take it to a new level when you get into this world.

Arrington is finishing her high school studies online. She’s on track to graduate from Washington High School in May and is considering college in the future--but not until she's finished relishing this experience. “I miss out on some things ... but I’m out living in New York, and it’s kind of crazy. I can’t sit here and complain and be negative. It’s all about realizing how lucky I am.” [Gazette]

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