With 2020 coming up sooner than you think, I almost feel obligated to have one of these blogs, the top baby names of the new year. Is it just me or do many couples try to have kids as close to the new year as possible? I don't know, that might just be a me thing. Anyway, here are the top baby names for 2020 according to Today. 


1). Adah (pronounced- ADD-uh)

2). Reese

3). Mika


1). Austin

2). Alva (seriously?)

3). Acacius (pronounced- uh-ka-see-es)

Call me old fashioned, but some of these names are just downright bizarre. What happened to all of the so-called, "normal" names? John, Mike, Dave, Tim. It seems the trend nowadays is to throw a bunch of letters together and sound it out phonetically. I don't have  much room to talk though, Trace is an odd name in it of itself. It means bold and courageous. Bold yes, courageous, eh.. we're working on it.

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