It may be hard to believe, but many people see Friday the 13th as a holiday. Plenty of Americans love the spooky legends behind the "holiday" and a lot of stores want to celebrate.

While 2020 has made shopping, and just life in general more difficult, that's not stopping some places from having deals and sales today.

Some Online deals can be found here. Apple is also offering some movie sales. Along with Best Buy is selling Friday The 13th Movies and specials as well.

Interesting enough some tattoo parlors in select locations also offer specials on this holiday for anyone looking to get some ink.

Some food specials include Papa Johns, Select Domino’s are offering 50% Off First Time App Orders up to November 15th. And while it's not Friday the 13th themed Starbucks kicked off their big sale yesterday.

Sadly compared to last year these deals aren't as big, but it's great to see some places still trying to celebrate this goofy and spooky day. Make sure you keep your luck charms on you, and stay safe QC.

Check out our video of us breaking all the Friday the 13th rules here.

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