State fairs are always known for their deep fried foods. From corn dogs, fried meat on a stick and cheese curds, to deep fried ice cream and cotton candy it's like a symphony of deliciousness and clogged arteries. The Iowa State fair isn't an exception. In fact, there's been a new food crowned king at the Iowa State Fair, and we can't even begin to describe how amazing it is. Actually, yes we can. Georgie's Roast is a cheddar tortilla wrap with tender beef pot roast, a white rice mixture containing Chorizo sausage crumbles, roasted green chilies, cheddar-Jack cheese, candy corn salsa, crispy corn tortilla crumbles and a sour cream drizzle, served with a zesty salsa verde sauce on the side. Here's a full look. 

Oh my goodness. Sign me up right away.

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