Forget about the holiday season or cuffing's GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON, people. One of the most exciting parts of the new year is seeing all those colorful boxes line my pantry (although, thanks to my wedding, I'll probably restrain myself to only two boxes this year).

I've always been loyal to #TeamThinMints. But a new flavor does look pretty tempting.

The Girl Scouts gave Good Morning America a sneak peek (sneak taste?) of this year's newest addition, the Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies. These tasty treats feature a chewy cookie with rich caramel and semi-sweet chocolate chips, along with a hint of sea salt. And, they're gluten-free!

I love the salty/sweet combo, but the one drawback (aside from NOT being Thin Mints) is that I tend to prefer a crunchier cookie. I'd definitely give these a try, but a listener may have rained on my parade.

Bummer. Oh, well. More Thin Mints for me!

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