Would this be considered romantic?

On Friday, a woman posted a picture on Facebook on a wedding ring group page (yes, apparently these pages exist). The photo was of an engagement ring...made out of hair! Apparently, her boyfriend proposed to her with an engagement ring he made himself out of his OWN hair! Can I just say... EWWWW

The woman didn't seem to upset by this though as she posted an excited comment saying that she was engaged and that the "hair" ring is just a place holder until a more intricately woven band can be done. Now, as you can imaging, people had some comments about this.

The most popular comments seemed to be that the ring was gross! Also, it was considered cheap and of course, un-romantic. I mean, I am sorry but if someone tried to give me a ring made out of hair, my answer to his proposal would be a big fat "NO!"

What about you? What would you say?

If you really want to see a picture of the "ring"... go here.

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