Remember that movie, Halloween Ends? Yeah, you can forget about that.

Halloween is never going to end. Not when people associate this spooky holiday with its ferocious masked protagonist, Michael Myers, and his endless quest to terrorize the men, women, children, and babysitters of his small town of Haddonfield, Illinois. Michael is way to valuable to ever “die.” And so Halloween is not ending; it’s starting all over again.

According to Deadline, a deal has been struck for a new TV series between the franchise’s rightsholders and Miramax. They also note that “the new Halloween series is envisioned to potentially launch a cinematic universe spanning film and television.” So it’s a TV series that could also beget movies too.


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Halloween Ends was the capper to the most recent trilogy of Halloween films, ones which were treated as direct legacyquels to the original John Carpenter masterpiece from 1978. These movies, all directed by David Gordon Green, ignored all the other sequels that had come through the years — seven previous sequels, plus a two-part rebooted franchise by Rob Zombie — and brought back the franchise’s original star, Jamie Lee Curtis, for a film about her character, Laurie Strode dealing with the trauma of those original attacks. (Oh and also dealing with, y’know, Michael Myers.)

Halloween would be far from the first slasher franchise to become a TV series. Films ranging from A Nightmare on Elm Street to Friday the 13th to Scream and Child’s Play are all prior examples. Some have been more faithful to the source material and concept than others; the Friday the 13th show, for example, had nothing to do with Jason Voorhees or camps in the woods.

Although the third film Halloween Ends was meant to conclude Michael Myers’ story, you can see where we are now. The story can just be restarted elsewhere by other people. Forever. And that is the real meaning of horror.

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