Every family has a holiday tradition. Once we've eaten and unwrapped all our gifts (and possibly eaten again) my family always gets together to play some kind of game. This year my aunt Sharon starting preparing a few months early by working on a SARAN WRAP BALL.

The gist of the game is that there are various gifts inside the saran wrap ball and you get to keep however many presents you're able to unwrap. However, you only get a set amount of time for each turn (we had 30 seconds) and you couldn't rip the plastic...you had to find the origin point of each sheet and gradually unwrap the ball.

I'd honestly never heard of this before, but it got pretty entertaining. Consult the video below:

As for myself...I wound up with some pretty fun gifts, including a "fly shooter," an assortment of jingle bells, some novelty napkins, a snowman picture frame, and THIS:

I can't wait to annoy my co-workers with this thing!

Maybe next year we'll try the saran wrap ball again, but with oven mitts on our hands. Not sure if anybody in the family has that kind of patience. Have you played this game before? Comment below!

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